School Attire

 Students are expected to wear appropriate, tasteful, and modest clothing while at School. This helps students not only to focus primarily on their studies, but also to develop the habit of dressing appropriately for different activities. By dressing modestly, they learn to show respect for themselves, others, and for God. In this way, our students can grow in Christian dignity.

Here is a brief summary of the things that students need:

For young men:

  • only white, light blue, or yellow dress shirts
  • cloth tie
  • chinos (khaki, navy, grey, or black) – classic, not slim fitting (no jeans or trousers with outside pockets or stitching)
  • black or brown leather belt
  • leather dress shoes
  • sweaters or jackets
  • gym apparel: grey Trivium T-shirt and black mesh athletic shorts or black athletic pants

For young women:

  • skirts: any solid color or plaid (as long as it it not super bright); below the knee in length when seated; slits should not come above the knee
  • shirts: oxford or polo; they should not be extremely bright colors, grey, or black; turtlenecks may be worn under a sweater
  • sweaters: must be worn with a shirt
  • shoes: flat with closed toe and heel in black or brown; no sneakers or rubber boots
  • foot and leg wear: nylons, anklets, knee-highs or tights in solid color
  • jewelry: simple in style (one pair of earrings in the earlobes and not dangling; dime size or smaller hoops)
  • dresses are acceptable for dances but must follow modesty guidelines
  • gym wear: red Trivium shirt and athletic shorts (mid thigh length) or black athletic pants

Some parents have requested help in finding appropriate clothing that fits the guidelines. Here is a link that lists a partner company that has offered clothing that fits our guidelines:

Our Preferred School Number is 900128141 (or you can search by the school name).