Giving Day ’23 Is a Smashing Success!

Created using the Donation Thermometer plugin,000$Raised 165,439$ towards the 150,000$ target.165,439$Raised 165,439$ towards the 150,000$ target.110%

Giving Day 2023 broke all records.The goal was $150,000 and the amount raised was $165,439.35. You can see that the thermometer cannot deal with it! The total doesn’t fit into the goal! It is really remarkable that our small School and community is so blessed with a generous and grateful group of alumni, families, and friends. Alumni remember what they received from their Alma Mater, parents see how their children have been formed, friends reflect on the tools of learning that are passed down to the next generation. Our students are especially happy to have new soccer uniforms, a renovated kitchen and bathrooms, and eventually, walls to sit on and play four square. Thank you!

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