Senior Theses Nights

This is a short video clip from a thesis night, 2016.

Senior Theses Schedule 2020

Tuesday, May 26

7:40     Ruth Cheffers: Whether Lukewarmness Is the Most Dangerous Vice in Our Modern Age

8:00     Rosemarie Doyle: Whether Fear Is a Result of the Fall

8:20     Susanna Hannon: Whether It Is Just for a Nation to Uphold Its Borders

8:40     Jonathan Forkey: Whether Consent Is Necessary for the Formation of Conscience

Wednesday, May 27

7:40     Derek Engler: Whether Political Corruption Is Always Preceded Linguistic Corruption

8:00     Nora Kelly: Whether Relativism Destroys Man’s Faculty of Reason

8:20     Therese Kottenstette: Whether the Will Is Involved in the Suspension of Disbelief

8:40      Seung Yeop Lee: Whether Human Nature Is Naturally Self-Interested

9:00     Andrew Leger: Whether a Just War of Autonomous or Remote Machines Is Possible

Thursday, May 28

7:40     John Scheurer: Whether Mutiny Is Ever Justifiable

8:00     Hannah Smillie: Whether Music Is Conducive to Virtue

8: 20    Theresa Trettel: Whether Man Has Stewardship of Animals

8:40     Sarah Turner: Whether Art Is a Bridge to Religious Experience

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