Senior Theses Nights 2016

Senior theses nights have been rescheduled. The new dates are as follows:

Friday, March 18

Brianna Hougham. Whether religious life is a higher calling than married life.

Victoria Dahm. Whether the government should mandate vaccinations.

Christian Emrich. Whether there can be ugliness in the fine arts.

Peter Bloemer. Whether there is probability.

Joseph Murphy. Whether space has being.

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Maria Potvin. Whether the government should protect endangered species

Adrian Josephs. Whether political correctness contradicts common sense.

Marie Kottenstette. Whether the dramatic arts ought to portray evil.

Nora McCann. Whether the law should direct man to virtue.

David Joanis. Whether man can morally role-play evil.

Eleanor Oser. Whether time travel would be ethical.

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Emma Schmitt. Whether private property is a good.

Kevin Sullivan. Whether the Crusades are justifiable.

Anna Schroeder. Whether the use of cadavers for medical research is morally permissible.

Peter Vise. Whether the Index Librorum Prohibitorum is relevant for us today.

John Sullivan. Whether Islam is a fundamentally violent religion.

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